American Studies

Affiliated Faculty

Sima Belmar
Dance, talk, and gesture in North American concert dance; dance in popular film and television; somatic theory/practice/ pedagogy; performance and phenomenology; and embodied research methods

Charles L. Briggs
Social/cultural anthropology, especially linguistic and medical anthropology; narrative; media and mediatization; folklore and performance; racialization; violence

Mark Brilliant
History, American Studies
20th Century U.S., Political Economy; Civil Rights; Education; Law; The West

Michael M. Cohen
African American Studies, American Studies,
US Cultural History from the Civil War to the Present; Work and Labor History; World War II; Race, class and American popular culture; Cultural Studies and Marxist Theory; Drugs and Alcohol in US History

Raul Coronado
Ethnic Studies
Histories of sexuality & of the academic disciplines; Latina/o intellectual & literary history; The comparative history of writing in the colonial and 19th century Americas; Theories of modernity & postcolonialism

Alexander Craghead
American Studies
Histories of technology, representation and landscape including photography and simulation; Histories of urban policy, land use, and transportation; North American cultural geography

Margaret Crawford
History of architecture, urban design and planning; Urban history and theory; U.S. built environment; Urbanism in China

Kathleen Donegan
Atlantic, Caribbean, Early American, and Native American Literatures

Chiyuma Elliott
African American Studies
Poetry and poetics; African American literature; Intellectual history from the 1920s to the present; Black Geography/Cultural Geography

Peter Glazer
Directing; Adaptation; Performance Theory; 20th Century American Theater; Commemorative Performance

Sarah Gold McBride
American Studies
Social and cultural history of the 19th-century United States

Dorothy J. Hale
Critical Theory; Narrative & the Novel, 20th- and 21st-Century American Literature; 20th- and 21st-Century British Literature; 19th-Century American Literature

David Henkin
19th century; Urban history; Cultural history

Shari Huhndorf
Ethnic Studies
Cultural studies; Gender studies; Interdisciplinary Native American studies; Literary and visual culture

Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers
Gender and American slavery; Colonial and 19th century legal and economic history; Women, systems of bondage, and the slave trade

Jake Kosek
Cultural politics of nature and difference; Cultural geography, science and technology studies; Critical race theory; Critical cartography; Biopolitics; human and the non-human; Environmental politics

Lauren Kroiz
History of Art
20th Century American Art

Steven Lee
American literature, comparative ethnic studies; Soviet and post-Soviet studies; and Northeast Asia during the interwar years

Margaretta Lovell
History of Art
American Art and Architecture

Waldo E. Martin
Race and citizenship; 20th century U.S. history

David H. Miller
Modernist music and its circulation in the United States; intersections of modernism and early music

Louise Mozingo
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning
Urban design and planning Design history; Social and cultural factors in landscape design

Samuel Otter
Early American, 19th-Century American, and African American Literatures

Christian Paiz
Ethnic Studies
Comparative historical studies of race, gender and class and their intersections in relation to immigration, labor markets, and citizenship; comparative Latino studies; historical methods; Philippine and Filipino American studies; social movement history; U.S. history

Christine Palmer
American Studies
Folklore; American popular culture; race, visual culture, literature, and cultural memory; 20th-century mass culture

Beth Piatote
English, Comparative Literature
American literature and cultural studies; Native American literature; Native American/Aboriginal literature and federal Indian law in the United States and Canada; Ni:mi:pu: (Nez Perce) language and literature

Leigh Raiford
African American Studies
Race, gender, justice and visuality

Juana Maria Rodriguez
Ethnic Studies
Critical legal theory; Latinx media and popular culture; LGBTQ activisms; Racialized gender and sexuality

Christine M. Rosen
Haas School of Business
Sustainability; Business history and the environment; American environmental history

Caitlin C. Rosenthal
18th and 19th century U.S. history; Development of management practices, especially those based on data analysis

Scott Saul
Cultural Studies; Drama; 20th- and 21st-Century American and African American Literatures

Susan Schweik
19th- 20th- and 21st-Century American Literatures; Critical Theory; Cultural Studies; Gender & Sexuality; Disability Studies; Poetry

Andrew Shanken
Architecture, American Studies
Architecture and consumer culture; Memory and the built environment; Historiography; Paper architecture and the unbuilt; Fairs and expositions; Themed landscapes; History of heritage and conservation planning; Architectural keywords

Katherine Snyder
British and American modernist narratives in relation to the history of masculinity; Contemporary fiction; Post-apocalyptic, post-traumatic, and post-9/11 novels

Shannon Steen
Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, American Studies
Critical Race and Performance Theory; U.S. Histories of Popular Performance; U.S. Urban Development; Globalization Studies

Brandi T. Summers
Black geographies; urban geography; racial aesthetics; design, planning and architecture; cultural politics of difference

Elisa Tamarkin
American literature; 18th- and 19th-century intellectual history, philosophy, and painting.

Bryan Wagner
African American expression in the context of slavery and its aftermath; Legal history; Vernacular culture

Laurie Wilkie
Historical and Contemporary Archaeology, Preservation and Heritage, Household archaeology, US and Caribbean

Emeritus / Emerita

Marcial Gonzalez
English (Emeritus)
20th- and 21st-Century American Literature; Chicanx and/or Latinx Literature; Critical Theory; Cultural Studies; Narrative & the Novel

Richard Hutson
English (Emeritus)
American literature and culture (popular culture, history, film) from the Civil War to the Great Depression; the American realist novel

Joe R. McBride
Environmental Science and Policy Management, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning (Emeritus)
Vegetation and ecological analysis; urban forestry; historic landscape restoration

Donald McQuade
English (Emeritus)
19th-century American literature and culture; Theory and practice of non-fiction; Literature and popular culture; The American Renaissance; Advertising, The essay form

Kathleen Moran 
American Studies (Emerita)
Consumerism and advertising; Themescapes; Disneyland; Los Angeles and Southern California

Genaro Padilla
English (Emeritus)
2oth and 21st Century American Literature; Chicanx and/or Latinx Literature;  Cultural Studies

Alex Saragoza
Ethnic Studies (Emeritus)
Immigration to the USA (especially from Mexico and Cuba); Historical interface between processes of racialization and inequity in Latin America

Hertha D. Sweet Wong
English (Emerita)
Autobiography; Native American literatures; Ethnic American literatures; Visual studies