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Oddyard, interdisciplinary student journal, published with support from American Studies

Cover image of the Spring 2024 issue of Oddyard
Above: The cover of the third issue of the undergraduate journal, Oddyard.

Oddyard, an interdisciplinary student journal, has published its third issue, “Third Places,” with support from the Interdisciplinary Program in American Studies. Founded by undergraduate students in several disciplines and schools on campus, Oddyard focuses on the interaction between art and the city. “Third Places” examines the titular concept, coined by sociologists Ramon Oldenburg and Dennis Brissett, which are places an individual may spend time between their home and work. Examples include parks, cafes, marketplaces, music venues, bars, libraries, and various other community oriented arenas. 

The third issue was published in early May, and was celebrated as a release party on May 4th. Issues are available for purchase from the publication’s web site,

A student-run publication, this issue of Oddyard was staffed by Uranchimeg Altankhuyag, John Azevedo, Madeleine Blanc, Anya Brink, Bridget Byrne, Linsy Damashek, Lily Hemminger, Grace Miller, Rushaad Mistry, Hannah Montano, Jakob Morgan, Julia Nevens, Ilana Roginsky, Sharanya Sahu, Arielle Steere, Erin Wynden, Fiona Yim, and Florance Zhang. Morgan, an urban studies major, is an intended minor in American Studies. 

Oddyard fills an unmet niche in undergraduate publishing. “Existing publications within the College of Environmental Design, GroundUp and Room1000,” Morgan explained, “were both graduate journals with a high barrier of entry. There had been no media outlet for undergraduates to access which was frustrating to us.” As a result, in 2021, Morgan, along with a small number of other students, founded Oddyard. Most funding to date has been from the students themselves, with sproadic support from campus funders.

In Fall 2023, Morgan, along with Florance Zhang, made a presentation about Oddyard to American Landscapes (AS C112 / GEO C160), a class taught by American Studies lecturer Alexander Craghead. The dedication of the student particpants, as well as the content of their project, greatly impressed Craghead. “Oddyard exhibits the creative energy of students taking on interdisciplinary work,” he explained, noting that the Zine includes poetry, literature, and visual arts, along with thoughtful essays and prose. On the strength of Morgan and Zhang’s presentation, the American Studies program initiated a modest stipend to support the publication’s Spring 2024 issue

From everyone in American Studies,to all of the students involved in Oddyard, our warmest congratulations.