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Robert Cancio - Economic Effects of Immigration

Robert Cancio is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Loyola Marymount University, and he is the Head of the Veteran and Military Family Research Laboratory, a grant-funded lab that focuses on the intersection between the social and behavioral pathways underpinning resilience and susceptibility to adverse health conditions that disproportionately affect racial/ethnic priority in military populations and communities of color. Robert is also the Principle Investigator for the Tobacco Research Team, which collaborates with a variety of community-based organizations to inform social change through applied community-based, geographic, and health-related research. He was recently awarded $853,800 for three years from The University of California, Office of the President, Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program, for a project titled Youth Vaping in Los Angeles: Youth’s Perceptions, Behaviors, and Outlet Density.

Area of Concentration Courses

Legal Studies 132AC: Immigration and Citizenship
Demography 145AC: American Immigrant Experience
Chicano Studies 159: Mexican Immigration
Chicano Studies 163: Caribbean Migration
Ethnic Studies 103A: Racialization and Empire
Sociology 190AC: Seminar on Immigration in the United States


Robert Cancio : - "Migration Los Angeles: The Story of a Cultural Landscape" (Class of 2013)

Robert Cancio’s thesis centers on migration as a cultural work, and examines a case study of 20th century Los Angeles through which he argued that cultural identities of migrants in 20th century Los Angeles create specific impressions or cultural landscapes. Through the use of quantitative methods, Robert demonstrated that not only is Los Angeles a pluralist society rather than a melting pot, but also that there is one similarity within all migrational groups, specifically those that migrate(d) to Los Angeles, which is possessing and practicing a culture of upward mobility through public education.

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