American Studies

Madelaine Spiering - Health Care in the United States

After graduation, Madelaine moved to Palo Alto to work in Donor Relations and Stewardship in the Office of Development at Stanford University. She is currently at the University of Texas, Austin’s LBJ School of Public Affairs pursuing a Master’s of Public Affairs.

Area of Concentration Courses

Anthropology 115: Introduction of Medical Anthropology
Public Health 150D: Introduction to Health Policy and Management
Public Health 150E: Introduction to Community Health and Human Development
Public Policy C103: Wealth and Poverty
Public Policy 101: Introduction to Public Policy Analysis
Social Welfare 112: Social Welfare Policy


From Theory to Possible Repeal: What the Affordable Care Act Means for Americans

Madelaine’s thesis research examines the history of healthcare policy in the United States and how this history was used to draft and pass the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Her primary goal was to explore how President Barack Obama employed historical discourse to overcome political backlash and to develop the Affordable Care Act.

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