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Everardo Mora - City Planning, Public Policy, and Minority Communities

As one of four recipients of the 2009 Judith Lee Stronach Baccalaureate Prize, Everardo Mora received $20,000 and a Visiting Scholar placement at UC Berkeley in order to continue his research on “cannery culture.” His goal was to produce a narrative infused with the voices, stories, and experiences of Latino cannery workers in order to better understand ethnic diversity, the culture of mass production, language and literacy, and identity construction on the shop floor of the last full-scale cannery to close in the Silicon Valley, a valley that once was known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight. Everardo currently works as a Project Manager at Orton Development, Inc.

Area of Concentration Courses

American Studies H110:Methods, Histories, and Controversies (Honors Seminar)
American Studies C134:Information Technology & SocietyA
merican Studies 110:Sociology of Sister-Cities
Ethnic Studies 130AC:Multicultural America
Chicano Studies 150B:History of the Southwest
Native American Studies 102:Critical Native American Legal and Policy Studies


Everardo Mora : - "Life behind the 'Shield:' Cannery Culture and the 'Farandula' at Del Monte Plant 3" (Class of 2009)

For more than a century, Del Monte’s red tomato “Shield” has represented the “Quality” of its products. Everardo Mora explains that Del Monte’s red tomato “Shield” also represents the “Quality” of its workforce. Based on the oral histories of Latino cannery workers, Mora documents and explores the meaning of “cannery culture” and the important contributions this “cannery community” made to California’s rich agricultural history.

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