American Studies

Allison Ivey - California and the West

After graduating one semester early in December 2017, Allison is spending eight months traveling in Europe and Asia before starting her first year at Stanford Law School in the fall.

Area of Concentration Courses

American Studies 102: The Suburbs
Anthropology 174AC: California Historical Anthropology
Education 188: Latinas/os in Education: Critical Issues and Perspectives
History 100AC: American Business History
History 128AC: California, the West and the World
Native American Studies 120AC: Photography and the American Indian: Manifest Destiny, American Frontier, and Images of American Indians


Allison Ivey : - The Children of California Shall Be Our Children: The Life of Leland Stanford, Junior and the Birth of Silicon Valley (Class of 2017)

Allison Iveys senior honors thesis focuses on the life and premature death of Leland Stanford, Junior. Founded as a memorial to the beloved son of Leland and Jane Lathrop Stanford, Stanford University was inspired by his intellectual curiosity, love of collecting, and nascent scholarship. Through a careful examination of how wealthy Californians shrugged off the mantle of European imitation in favor of carving out a distinctly American, distinctly Western, and distinctly Californian lifestyle, Allisons honors thesis traces the development of the surrounding area from farmland to the global business center now known as Silicon Valley.

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